ENGL 223 Research Writing

A study of library resources, information-gathering techniques, and research writing, including the ethics and style expected in the academic community. Includes a major documented research paper aimed at a scholarly audience. (Course fees apply.)




ENGL 121 and ENGL 122 with grades of C- or above and 36 hours of college credit




ENGL 121 and ENGL 122 or HONR 141 and HONR 142 are prerequisites to all upper-division courses. For admission to upper-division courses, students (with the exception of engineering majors) must also have completed or be registered for ENGL 223 or HONR 243. For engineering majors, ENGL 323 is a prerequisite to all 400-level engineering courses. Credit will not be allowed for both ENGL 121 and HONR 141 or ENGL 122 and HONR 142 or for more than one of the following: ENGL 223, ENGL 323, or HONR 243.

Students must pass a departmental placement test, or pass ENGL 100 with a grade of C- or higher, before enrolling in the college writing sequence. ENGL 121, ENGL 122, and ENGL 223 (or ENGL 323) must be taken in sequence, and students must receive a grade of C- or higher before they can proceed to the next class in the sequence.

Course does not apply toward an English major or minor.