Graduation Requirements for the Associate Degree

All candidates for the associate degree must complete the following residence and general requirements:

Residency Requirements:

A minimum of 24 quarter hours. The last two quarters must be completed in residence, including a minimum of 9 quarter hours earned in the concentration.

General Requirements:

  1. A minimum of 96 quarter hours must be completed.
  2. A cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 (C) is required. A grade lower than C- will not apply toward the concentration.
  3. The associate degree concentration as outlined under the respective departments of instruction of this bulletin must be completed.
  4. The general studies requirements as outlined below must be completed. For a listing of the courses which may apply to the requirements, see Specific Courses for General Studies section of this Bulletin.
  5. A course may fulfill requirements for one or more concentrations but credit will apply to only one concentration.
  6. Students must have all transcripts for correspondence and transfer credit on file in the Academic Records Office two weeks prior to graduation. All correspondence work must be completed prior to the beginning of the last quarter in residence.
  7. Degree candidates must file a formal application (Senior Outline) for a degree showing the proposed schedule of courses for the senior year with the Registrar not later than one week after the beginning of the first quarter of the senior year. Appropriate forms may be obtained from the Academic Records Office. Students are not considered candidates for degrees and are not eligible for senior class membership until officially notified by the Registrar that their senior outlines have been approved.