Students are encouraged to participate in commencement exercises; those wishing to graduate in absentia must petition the president of the university to do so.

Students who participate in commencement should have completed all requirements for their degree by this time. However, as Walla Walla University has only one commencement exercise each year, if all requirements have not been completed, the following criteria must be met in order for students to march:
  1. Be within 14 hours of degree completion (except Biology students who must be within 12 hours), including courses with incomplete (I) and in progress (IP) grades.
  2. Be able to complete all degree requirements by the last Friday in August of the same year.
  3. Have the approval of the thesis/project committee (if M.A./M.S. student).
  4. Have a Graduate Application for Degree on file with the Academic Records Office.

Degrees are conferred and diplomas issued as of commencement and at the end of each month. All course work must be completed, transcripts received, comprehensives taken and acceptable grades received before the degree will be awarded.