If a student officially withdraws during the quarter, a refund, where applicable, will be made within 30 to 60 days. A student who leaves school without completing withdrawal procedures will be charged until proper arrangements have been made. The beginning of the quarter is considered to be the first day of class instruction.  Students withdrawing from classes during the quarter will qualify for the following rates of refund.

If withdrawal is: Tuition refund will be:
by the 7th day of classes* 100%
by the 10th day of classes 75%
by the 22nd day of classes 50%

*A tuition refund may affect awarded financial aid. Students dropping all classes during this period will be charged a processing fee of $75 or 5% of tuition, whichever is less.

For a withdrawal and refund schedule for summer courses, please contact the Academic Records Office, or consult the current on-line Summer Class Schedule at: Please refer to the current online WWU Financial Bulletin at the same website for the Financial Aid Refund Policy.

Financial Statements

Itemized statements giving an account of the previous month’s expenses are issued monthly. Students may choose to receive a paper copy, and can request copies be mailed to a parent or other third party. In addition, students have access to an electronic copy of their statement, as well as access to their account history. Students can give others access to their electronic statement and account changes.

In addition to cash and paper checks, WWU processes electronic payments and accepts American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, and Visa®. Although WWU charges a convenience fee for payments made by credit cards, free options, such as payment by electronic check or debit cards are available. Electronic payments may be made online at:

Finance Charges

A finance charge will be imposed on each item of a student's account that has not been paid by the statement due date. The FINANCE CHARGE is computed at a rate of one percent (1%) per month, or an ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE of twelve percent (12%) on the past due balance. The past due balance is calculated by taking the statement's amount due and subtracting any payments, credits, or financial aid received by the statement due date. A grace period may be given until the end of the month, at the University’s discretion. The remaining balance owing, if any, is multiplied by one percent (1%) to obtain the periodic finance charge. The minimum Finance Charge is $1.