Financial Aid

Families unable to meet the costs of a Walla Walla University education are encouraged to apply for financial aid from the government and the university. All financial aid applications are evaluated based on the government's standard analysis of need. This analysis determines how much each family can afford to pay for the university according to federal government guidelines. Financial aid recipients are then awarded aid packages which typically include a combination of scholarships, grants, low-interest loans, and student employment. Unless otherwise noted, all forms of financial assistance are disbursed one-third each quarter (fall, winter, and spring). The total amount of scholarships, grants, and subsidy (from all sources) which a student receives cannot exceed WWU's packaging budget in any given year. If the total does exceed the packaging budget, the award from WWU will be reduced.

In order to receive the maximum financial assistance available, students should plan their finances for the entire academic school year prior to registration and complete their financial aid file by April 30 prior to the school year.

Adding or dropping a class on or before the 10th day of the quarter may affect a student's financial aid package.