Student Services

ADVENTIST HEALTH UNIVERSITY CLINIC. The Adventist Health University Clinic provides medical care, preventive health, and health education services to students, faculty, and staff on Walla Walla University’s main campus. provides medical care, preventive health and health education services to a campus population of approximately 1700 students and 300 faculty and staff as well as their immediate family members.

Main Campus. An on-campus University clinic with a highly qualified staff provides acute and some chronic care services for students requiring medical attention. Referrals for other chronic or emergency conditions will be made to the local clinics and hospitals; however, the student is responsible for charges incurred.

Portland School of Nursing. The Adventist Health Ventura Park Clinic provides health care for students on the Portland campus. This clinic accepts students with insurance from most providers. If a condition warrants, the student may be referred to a specialist. If referred, the student is responsible for making financial arrangements with the provider.

Information Technology operates computer systems for the use of faculty, staff, and students of WWU. All systems are connected to the internet by a campus-wide wired and wireless computer network. Thus all computer systems are available from any location on campus. To do their classwork, students can use computer labs on campus, desktops in their room or their own laptops connected to the campus wireless network.

A wide variety of software applications are available for the use of faculty, staff, and students. These include popular programs for word processing, spreadsheets, databases, programming languages, graphic design, CAD, communications, and mathematical computation.