Other Academic Policies

CHANGE OF MAJOR/MINOR AND ADVISOR. Students who wish to declare or change a major/minor are required to complete a “Change of Major/Advisor” form in the Academic Advisement Office. If the declaration of major requires the selection of a new advisor, the student is required to consult with the Director of Academic Advisement for a new advisor assignment. Students are assigned a secondary advisor for the chosen minor, and the student is expected to consult with the advisor to insure appropriate course selection. Students who are pursuing secondary education certification must consult with the certification officer in the School of Education and Psychology.

CLASS ATTENDANCE. Students are responsible for punctual and regular attendance at all classes for which they are registered. Missing instruction for any reason may jeopardize the course grade.

FINAL EXAMINATIONS. All students are expected to take final examinations as scheduled. Requests for exceptions are to be submitted to the Associate Vice President for Academic Administration three weeks prior to the close of the quarter. A fee is assessed for each out-of-schedule examination; see the Academic Fees section of the Financial Bulletin.

TRANSCRIPTS. Official transcripts are issued from the Academic Records Office. Transcript requests must be in writing using a transcript request form or personal letter. Forms are available in the Academic Records Office or online. Letters must include the student's ID number or Social Security number, birth date, dates of attendance, signature and return address. Requests for faxed transcripts must include the following statement, “I realize my privacy may not be maintained.” Faxed transcripts are not official transcripts. Transfer credit is not recorded after a student has ceased attendance at the University.