Course Load

The academic study load at Walla Walla University is computed in quarter hours, one quarter hour normally representing one class meeting per week or three hours of laboratory work per week. Thus, a three-quarter-hour class would meet three times each week. For each quarter hour of credit earned, a student is expected to spend at least two clock hours a week in outside preparation or three hours a week in supervised study or laboratory work.

The normal course load is 16-17 hours per quarter. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors may register for 18 quarter hours if their cumulative WWU grade-point average is 3.00 (B) or better. Undergraduate students on academic probation will carry a reduced course load.

The following minimum study loads will satisfy the parties indicated; however, in order to graduate in four years the student should take 16 hours per quarter.

Financial Aid 12 quarter hours
Immigration Authorities 12 quarter hours
Social Security 12 quarter hours
Veterans 12 quarter hours