Summer Personnel

Summer Session Office

Summer Session Director                                                                                            Scott Ligman, PhD

Administrative Assistant                                                                                              Lorri Bays

University Administration

  • John K. McVay, Ph.D., President
  • Volker Henning, Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Administration
  • Steven G. Rose, B.S.B.A., C.P.A., Vice President for Financial Administration
  • Doug Tilstra, Ph.D., Vice President for Student Life
  • Jodi Wagner, B.A., Vice President for University Relations and Advancement
  • Scott H. Ligman, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Administration
  • Pamela Cress, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Graduate Studies
  • E. Kenneth Vyhmeister, M.S.T. C.P.A., Associate Vice President for Financial Administration
  • Trevor Congleton, M.S.W., Associate Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment Services
  • Hilary Catlett, M.S.W., Assistant Vice President /Dean of Students
  • Troy Patzer, M.B.A., Associate Vice President for Alumni and Advancement Services
  • Pedrito U. Maynard-Reid, Th.D., Assistant to the President for Diversity

Academic Department Administration

  • Interim Dean, School of Business, Bruce Toews, Ph.D.
  • Dean, School of Education and Psychology, Debbie Muthersbaugh, Ph.D.
  • Dean, School of Engineering, Doug Logan, Ph.D.
  • Dean, School of Nursing, Lucille Benson Krull, Ph.D.
  • Associate Dean, School of Nursing, Kari A. Firestone, M.S.
  • Dean, School of Social Work and Sociology, Susan Smith, Ph.D.
  • Dean, School of Theology, David E. Thomas, D. Min.
  • Chair, Department of Art, Joel Libby, B.A.
  • Chair, Department of Biological Sciences, David F. Lindsey, Ph.D.
  • Chair, Department of Chemistry, Steven H. Lee, Ph.D.
  • Chair, Department of Communications and Languages, Linda Potter Crumley, Ph.D.
  • Chair, Department of English, Kellie A. Bond, Ph.D.
  • Chair, Department of Health and Physical Education, Marvin L. Denney, M.Ed.
  • Chair, Department of History and Philosophy, Gregory Dodds, Ph.D.
  • Chair, Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science, Jonathan D. Duncan, Ph.D.
  • Interim Chair, Department of Music, Pamela Cress, Ph.D.
  • Chair, Department of Physics, Thomas B. Ekkens, Ph.D.
  • Chair, Department of Technology, Linda M. Felipez, Ed.D.
  • Director, University Libraries, Carolyn S. Gaskell, M.A.