Student Financial Services

Members of the Student Financial Services staff work with parents, students, federal and state governments, the university, and others to make financial arrangements for students to receive an education at Walla Walla University. Students and parents are encouraged to phone, write, or stop by the office for answers to questions about financing a college education.

FINANCIAL COUNSELORS provide help in financial planning. They are responsible for approving all financial arrangements and are available to discuss problems if parents or students have difficulty meeting the terms of the payment plan the family has chosen.

FINANCIAL AID COUNSELORS assist with the completion of financial aid applications and with the administration of scholarship programs.

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT assists students in looking for work both on and off campus. Employment personnel neither hires students nor assigns them to particular jobs, but works with students individually to assist them in their employment search.

assists current students with completing student loan applications and loan promissory notes and obtaining additional loans to finance educational expenses; also works with borrowers in repayment on Federal Perkins, Nursing, or Institutional Loans.

For Information  


     Toll Free


Financial Counselors

(509) 527-2815

(800) 656-2815

Financial Aid Counselors

(509) 527-2315

(800) 656-2315

Student Employment

(509) 527-2357

(800) 656-2357

Student Loan Center

(509) 527-2333

(800) 656-2333


(509) 527-2556