Student Financial Services

Members of the Student Financial Services staff work with parents, students, the federal and state governments, the University, and others to make financial arrangements for students to receive an education at Walla Walla University. Students and parents are encouraged to phone, write, or stop by the office for answers to questions about financing a college education.

FINANCIAL COUNSELORS provide help in financial planning. They are responsible for approving all financial arrangements and are available to discuss problems if parents or students have difficulty meeting the terms of the payment plan the family has chosen.

FINANCIAL AID COUNSELORS assist with the completion of financial aid applications and with the administration of scholarship programs.

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT assists students in looking for work both on and off campus. Employment personnel neither hires students nor assigns them to particular jobs, but works with students individually to assist them in their employment search.

STUDENT LOAN CENTER assists current students with completing student loan applications, promissory notes, and obtaining additional loans to finance educational expenses; also works with borrowers in repayment on Federal Perkins, Nursing, or Institutional Loans.

Financial Counselors 509-527-2815 800-656-2815
Financial Aid Counselors 509-527-2315 800-656-2315
Student Employment 509-527-2357 800-656-2357
Student Loan Center 509-527-2333 800-656-2333
FAX 509-527-2556


This section of the bulletin is designed to help parents and students anticipate the costs connected with receiving a Walla Walla University education. This list identifies many of the expenses a student may incur. Students may have additional expenses for transportation, personal needs, and other necessities and extras not mentioned here. Parents and students should consider such expenses when making plans to cover the university costs.

In 2013-2014, Walla Walla University awarded approximately $42 million in financial aid. The average student received $21,624 with over 85% of the student body receiving financial aid. Be sure to refer to the Financial Bulletin for more specific information about our great scholarship programs.

Estimated Undergraduate Student Budgets

For 2016-2017

Dormitory Student

Per Quarter Per Year
Tuition (full-time, 12-16 hours) $8,700 $26,100
General Fee (Includes ASWWU Dues) 294 882
Room Rent 1,370 4,110
Cafeteria (Meal Plan) 960 2,880
Books (average) 275
Miscellaneous 617 1,851
TOTAL $12,216 $36,648

Non-Dormitory Student

Per Quarter Per Year
Tuition (full-time, 12-16 hours) $8,700
General Fee (Includes ASWWU Dues) 294 882
Books (average) 275
Miscellaneous 617 1,851
TOTAL $9,886 $29,658


Undergraduate Student Tuition

Cost Rate
Part-time Tuition (1-11 quarter hours) $725 Per Qtr. Hr.
Full-time Tuition (12-16 quarter hours) $8,700 Per Quarter
Overload Tuition (above 16 qtr. hours) $580 Per Qtr. Hr.
Student Missionary Tuition $45 for 12 credits per quarter

Participants in the Student Missionary and Task Force programs are registered as full-time students in the Experiential Program, SMTF 100, provided they meet the Student Missions Office's eligibility criteria and receive financial clearance from Student Financial Services. Registration cannot be retroactive. Contact the Student Missions office for more information.

Graduate Student Tuition $581 per quarter hour
Extension Tuition 55% of undergraduate tuition

Full-time teachers employed within driving distance of Walla Walla University may enroll for one class per quarter. Acceptance into the graduate Education Program and a copy of the school district's contract are required to qualify for the tuition rate of 55 percent of the undergraduate tuition. The balance of the tuition charge must be paid at the time of registration.

Senior Citizen Discounted Tuition

The Senior Citizen Class Program (non-degree seeking) makes it possible for students who are 65 or more years of age to take advantage of the following reduced tuition rates:

To take up to a 4 hour class for credit* one half the regular tuition rate
To sit in on a class** $100 per quarter

* Permission of the instructor is required.

** Class or lab fees are the responsibility of the student.