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General Telephone Number 509/527-2615
General Fax Number 509/527-2253
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Marketing and Enrollment Services

Associate Vice President Trevor Congleton
Application Forms for Admission 509/527-2327
  Fax: 509/527-2397
General Information Email:

Academic Records

Registrar Carolyn Denney
Academic Information 509/527-2811
Transcripts and Transcript Evaluation Fax: 509/527-2574
Transfer Student Information Email:
Veteran Information 509/527-3810

Student Financial Services

Director Cassie Ragenovich
Financial Information 509/527-2815
Work Opportunities Email:
Financial Aid, Loans, and Grants  
Financial Planning  
Payment Arrangements

Student Life and Mission

Vice President David Richardson Jr.
Automobile Registration 509/527-2222
Off-Campus Housing 509/527-2151
Student Life and Mission Fax: 509/527-2674

Residence Hall Living

Director of Residential Life and Housing Kristen Taylor
General Information, Sittner/Meske 509/527-2531
General Information, Foreman/Conard 509/527-2111
General Information, Portland 503/251-6118
Portland Campus Rosario Beach Marine Laboratory
10345 S.E. Market St. 15510 Rosario Beach Rd.
Portland, OR 97216 Anacortes, WA 98221
503/251-6115 360/293-2326

Note: Administrative offices are closed from Friday noon until Monday morning and on legal holidays.

Administrative officers are available on Sundays by appointment.