Administrative Staff

Academic Administration - School Deans


Josefer Montes, Ph.D.

Education and Psychology

Denise Dunzweiler, Ph.D.


Douglas M. Logan, Ph.D.

Engineering Associate

Larry D. Aamodt, Ph.D.


Lucille Benson Krull, Ph.D.

Nursing, Associate

Kari A. Firestone, M.S.

Social Work and Sociology

Susan Smith, Ph.D.


David E. Thomas, D.Min.

Academic Administration - Department Chairs


Joel Libby, B.A.


David Lindsey, Ph.D.


Steven H. Lee, Ph.D.

Communications and Languages

David Bullock, Ph.D.

Computer Science

Jonathan D. Duncan, Ph.D.


Kellie A. Bond, Ph.D.

Health and Physical Education

Marvin L. Denney, M.Ed.

History and Philosophy

Gregory Dean Dodds, Ph.D.


Jonathan D. Duncan, Ph.D.

Music, Interim Chair

Pamela Keele Cress, Ph.D.


Thomas B. Ekkens, Ph.D.


Linda M. Felipez, Ed.D.

Academic Support

Director of Academic Advisement

Herlinda V. Ruvalcaba, M.Ed.

Director of Career Center

David Lindstrom, M.A.

Director of Summer Session

Scott H. Ligman, Ph.D.

Director of Teaching Learning Center and Disability Services

Kristy Guldhammer, M.A.

Director of Technical Support Services

Karl Thompson, M.S.

General Manager, Positive Life Radio 91.3

Paul Richardson, B.A.


Carolyn Denney, M.A.

Director, University Libraries

Carolyn S. Gaskell, M.A.

Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Brian D. Hartman, Ph.D.

Alumni and Advancement Services

Director of Alumni and Parent Relations

Terri Neil, M.A.

Director of Gift Planning

Dorita Tessier, B.S., CFRE

Advancement Officer

Marcus Frey, B.S.

Financial Administration


Eric James, B.S., C.P.A.

Director of Facility Services

George Bennett

Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Carpenter, J.D.

Director of Student Financial Services

Cassie Ragenovich, B.S.

Director of Information Technology

Scott McFadden, B.S.

Marketing and Enrollment Services

Director of Admissions

Dallas Weis, M. Ed.

Director of Marketing and University Relations

Emily Muthersbaugh, B.A.

Student Services

Lead Campus Chaplain

Paddy McCoy, B.A.

Director of Athletics

Gerald E. Larson, M.A.

Director of Resident Life and Housing

Kristen Taylor, B.A.

Dean of Students

Hillary Catlett, M.S.W., LICSW

Director of Counseling, Testing and Wellness

Michelle Naden, Ph.D.

Director of Food Services

Sandra Williams, B.S.

Director of Security

Courtney Bryant B.B.A.

Director of Adventist Health University Clinic

Denise Hickerson, M.S.


Manager, University Bookstore

Matt Heinrich, B.S.

Manager, Dairy Express

Hugh Daley, B.B.A.