WWU Administration


John K. McVay, Ph.D., President
Robert A. Cushman, Jr., Ph.D., Vice President for Academic Administration
Steven G. Rose, B.S.B.A., C.P.A., Vice President for Financial Administration
David Richardson Jr., Ph.D., Vice President for Student Life
Jodeen L. Wagner, B.A., Vice President for University Relations and Advancement
Scott H. Ligman, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Administration
E. Kenneth Vyhmeister, M.S.T., C.P.A., Associate Vice President for Financial Administration
Pamela Keele Cress, Ph.D., Associate Vice President and Dean for Graduate Studies
Trevor Congleton, M.S.W., Associate Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment Services
Troy D. Patzer, MBA, Associate Vice President for Alumni and Advancement Services
Pedrito U. Maynard-Reid, Th.D., Assistant to the President for Diversity
Hilary Catlett, M.S.W., LICSW, Assistant Vice President of Student Life


Business, Josefer Montes, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Education and Psychology, Denise Dunzweiler, Ph.D.
Engineering, Douglas M. Logan, Ph.D.
Nursing, Lucille Benson Krull, Ph.D.
Social Work and Sociology, Susan B. Smith, Ph.D.
Theology, David E. Thomas, D.Min.

Art, Joel Libby, Interim Chair, B.A.
Biological Sciences, David F. Lindsey, Ph.D.
Chemistry, Steven H. Lee, Ph.D.
Communications and Languages, David A. Bullock, Ph.D.
Computer Science, Jonathan D. Duncan, Ph.D.
English, Kellie A. Bond, Ph.D.
Health and Physical Education, Marvin L. Denney, M.Ed.
History and Philosophy, Gregory Dean Dodds, Ph.D.
Mathematics, Jonathan D. Duncan, Ph.D.
Music, Interim, Pamela Keele Cress, Ph.D.
Physics, Thomas B. Ekkens, Ph.D.
Technology, Linda F. Nelson, Ed.D.
Directors of Graduate Programs
Biology, Joan M. Redd, Ph.D.
Counseling Psychology, R. Lee Stough, Ph.D.
Education, Denise Dunzweiler, Ph.D.
Media Ministry, Lynelle Ellis, M.A.
Social Work, Heather R. Vonderfecht, Ph.D.

Director of Libraries, Carolyn S. Gaskell, M.A.
Director of Marine Station, James R. Nestler, Ph.D.
Director of Records and Registrar, Carolyn D. Denney, M.A.
Director of Summer Session, Scott H. Ligman, Ph.D.
Director of Instructional Research and Effectiveness, Brian D. Hartman, Ph.D.

Chaplain, Padraic S. McCoy, B.A.
Consulting Physician, Tom Underhill, M.D.
Dean of Students, Hilary Catlett, M.S.W.
Director of Counseling and Testing Services, Michelle Naden, Ph.D.
Director of Campus Security, Courtney Bryant, B.B.A.
Director of Food Service, Sandra Williams, B.S.
Director of Adventist Health University Clinic, Denise Hickerson, M.S.M.L.
Campus Housing and Property Coordinator, Craig Connell, M.B.A.