Natural Resources Conservation and Management

Melodie Selby, Director; Montgomery Buell (History), David Cowles, Ron Jolliffe (English), Dan Lamberton (Humanities), Steven Lee (Chemistry), Fred Liebrand (Physics), David Lindsey (Biology), Janet Ockerman (Sociology), Dave Thomas (Religion).

The interdisciplinary Natural Resources Conservation and Management program seeks to develop an appreciation of the physical world and human impact upon it. Graduates will demonstrate understanding and techniques of caring for components of our biosphere in the context of the societies in which we live and actively contribute to a more sustainable, livable world through research and planning. The Environmental Science major provides direct access to career opportunities in the private or public sector or gives the basis for further education. Although a second major, graduate school or professional school may be appropriate, the major and minor prepare students for careers in air, water and land resource management, environmental economics, law or journalism, public policy, environmental science, or other sciences.

Students planning to seek employment following graduation are urged to accept a co-op or internship experience. Those planning to attend graduate school prior to seeking employment are encouraged to accept such an experience. All majors must take the Graduate Record Examination general section.