History and Philosophy

Gregory Dodds, Chair; Terrie Aamodt, Montgomery Buell, Timothy Golden, Terrell Gottschall.

The department offers a major in history as well as minors in history and philosophy. In fulfilling the mission of the University, the purpose of the work in history is fourfold: to promote a better understanding of the past and an appreciation of the present; to formulate a constructive philosophy of history; to train in skills of research and evaluation; to prepare students for teaching, graduate and professional schools, and government service. In keeping with this goal, the members of the department support the principle of personal professional development, particularly participation in research and civic responsibilities, as a means of enhancing both teaching and the historical profession.

The philosophy program encourages students to evaluate their personal philosophies within a Christian context. Course requirements provide a framework for students to develop critical thinking skills, to study major figures and schools in the history of philosophy, to draw connections between philosophy and other disciplines, and to analyze moral, spiritual, metaphysical, epistemological, and logical questions and issues. The minor in philosophy will enhance student preparation for graduate programs in the humanities and theology, and for professional programs in education, law, medicine, or government.