Kellie Bond, Chair; Terrie Aamodt, Karen Clausen-Brown, Ronald Jolliffe, Daniel Lamberton, Sylvia Nosworthy, LuAnn Venden.

In its general studies courses, the department aims to enhance the student's ability to use language, the vehicle of society. The writing courses give instruction in clear, effective writing. The literature courses address significant and enduring issues that lead to a broad understanding of human experience.

The major in English provides a foundation for careers in communications, community service, education, government, and journalism. The major is also a strong preparation for law, business, and medicine. Such professions place a high value on the ability to read intelligently, to write clearly, and to understand human experience. The student can choose electives in the major to provide an emphasis in writing or literature as desired.

The minor in English is a valuable way for students in any major to polish their writing skills or to enrich themselves through literature. It is especially useful to students who plan a career in teaching.

The minor in film studies provides an opportunity for students to develop cultural understanding, prepare to teach with film in secondary classrooms, and/or gain a foundation for film study in a graduate program.