Repeat Courses

Students may register up to a maximum of three times for any course in which a grade is recorded on the transcript (includes grades A-F,X,I,IP,S,NC, and W). A course may not be repeated if the original grade earned was a B or better. Academic credit may be earned only once. The best grade will be computed in the overall grade-point average, though all grades remain on the permanent academic record. A repeat course must be taken as a regularly offered class. Challenge examinations and independent or directed study are not allowed for repeat course work.

Students should typically not repeat any course with a grade of C or better. Some programs have specific policies for repeated classes and minimum course grades. Students should consult with their academic advisor before repeating any class.

Financial aid is not available for any course taken more than two times total. Repeating any course is subject to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy and may result in a student not earning sufficient credits to maintain financial aid eligibility (see a financial counselor in Student Financial Services).