Student Housing

RESIDENCE HALLS. Walla Walla University provides on-campus housing for unmarried students. Students who register for 6 hours or more, under 22 years of age or with less than 136 quarter hours completed, are required to live in a residence hall. Requests for exceptions are processed through the Student Life Office. Others are welcome as space allows. Campus residence hall options include:

Foreman/Conard Hall. This residence hall complex houses approximately 400 women. The Foreman portion is a seven-story high-rise for upper-division women, featuring a fitness center, elevator service and air-conditioned rooms. The Conard portion includes a large worship room, study areas and small parlors. Foreman/Conard provides laundry and kitchen facilities.

Sittner Hall. Accommodating approximately 400 men, this residence hall includes lounges, a recreation room, and health club facilities.

Meske Hall. Meske Hall occupies the front wing of Conard Hall, and accommodates 100 upper-division men. The second floor houses several student service departments: Campus Health and Wellness, Counseling and Testing Center, and Office of Diversity.

Hansen Hall, Portland Campus. Hansen Hall is designated for unmarried students, and is located adjacent to the WWU School of Nursing and the Portland Adventist Medical Center.

APARTMENTS. The University owns and manages 200 unfurnished rental units, consisting of studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments, and houses for both single (who have permission to live outside of residence halls) and married enrolled students. The University Village Life and Apartment Housing Office is located at 26 N. College Avenue, College Place, WA; telephone: (509)527-2109. Information on apartments in the community can also be obtained at the above office.